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Taking Effective Breaks

Whether during half term, a weekend, or simply an afternoon, effective relaxation and breaks are vital to maximise productivity during busy periods, and to allow your mind and body to rest and recharge. Stress and burnout can affect not only our mental, but also our physical health. This means it is so important to take time to truly refresh and allow the brain to simply ‘be’!

But how do we do that, exactly?

Here are a few tips and ways to unplug and let your mind rest:

1. It probably goes without saying, but avoid social media. Avoiding the pressures and stimulation completely may be challenging; if so, try and switch off (or just realise) when you start comparing yourself to what you see. Even just recognising yourself doing this is a big step in stopping the negative cycle.

2. Get outside – exercise gives us amazing endorphins and serotonin, letting our brain feel happy and refreshed. Maybe try a game of football with some friends or go on a walk around one of your local parks.

3. Read a book – whatever you enjoy, spend an afternoon curled up on the sofa with that book that has been on your reading list for what must be years now. If that’s not your thing, maybe try downloading an audiobook and listening whilst you do your daily chores like walking the dog.

4. Write it all out – any worries, anxieties or stresses, write them down and watch them become a little bit smaller. This can help to remove negative feelings from your head and help you see them a bit more clearly, therefore allowing a solution to be more easily met.

5. Sleep – term time is busy and your body is probably in need of some proper, restful sleep. Try not to push bedtime out later and rather allow your body to rest early and sleep later to catch up.

6. Clean your space – clear out old mugs and collect old clothes for donation. Refreshing your space can help to refresh your mind and provide a clean and organised space, ready to be worked in when school restarts.

7. Start a gratitude list – reflect on the things over the past few months that you are grateful for. Try to write down 3 things a day and watch yourself start to take more pleasure in the little wins!

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