All of our mentors are in their final years of secondary school, or first years of undergraduate university, and have a real passion for spreading the love of education. Below you will find descriptions of each tutor's educational interests.

Please note that names with a tick (✓) next to them might not appear on the booking service as they have their weekly slots booked up. If you would like to contact one of these tutors, email and that can be arranged.



Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Art

I have always had a passion for Maths, science and languages (I speak French and Japanese) and I am hoping to become a doctor when I am older. I love mentoring and teaching because of the pure joy on mentees’ faces when they finally get to grips with a topic they used to find difficult: it’s inspirational, rewarding and heart-warming.  As well as being able to give back, connect with and help those who need an extra helping hand!


Year 11 International Baccalaureate student studying French at Higher Level and Computer Science, History, Geography, Maths, English, Physics and Chemistry at Standard Level.

I have cycled through a large variety of different education systems, ranging from the classic French method in Paris to a purely English school in London and finally the lycée: the best of both worlds. I have spent my years studying at different schools through different systems which have helped me study all topics in all languages with different angles. I enjoy literary topics, economics and mathematics. My future study aspirations would partially consist of social interactions (business or law) so tutoring and explaining would greatly help me develop said social skills and help mentees that might need it too!


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Biology, and Physics

I am very interested in science, particularly Biology and Physics, and I am thinking of studying civil engineering at university. I would like to become a mentor as I want to help younger children catch up on their education which they may have fallen behind on as a result of schools closing in March. In addition, I want to help children improve in any topics which they may be finding difficult.


Year 12 A Level Student studying  English Literature, History, Geography and Politics

I am a good all-rounder academically, achieving all Grade 9s across a wide range of subjects at GCSE. For Sixth Form, I am specialising in humanities which I hope to pursue at university, and continuing to study for diplomas in Singing and Flute. From my experience volunteering at a local primary school and also coaching debating, I have seen the benefits that one-to-one support gives children in terms of both confidence and achievement. I am friendly, reliable, and keen to support others in their learning.



Year 13 International Baccalaureate Student studying Physics, Chemistry and Maths

 at Higher Level, and Philosophy, English and German at Standard Level

I hope to study physics at university, but thoroughly enjoy all my subjects. I really like tutoring/mentoring because I find it incredibly rewarding to see people develop an understanding of different things, I love seeing that lightbulb moment. I also find tutoring gives me a greater and deeper understanding of the subject we are working on.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Economics, Maths, French and Politics

I have always been very particular in the subjects that I liked at school and studying A level this year has allowed me to focus more on each particular subject. I hope to study Economics and business at university and potentially with french on the side. Starting mentoring at the beginning of the academic year has allowed me to see the  students realise their potential and it has allowed them to enjoy studying like I do.


Year 13 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Art and  Philosophy at Higher Level, and English, Maths and Mandarin at Standard Level

I love all my subjects and couldn’t choose a favourite and at university I’m hoping to study business. For the last couple of months I have really enjoyed mentoring as it is incredibly rewarding to see my mentees improve and be enthusiastic about their work but also to see their growing confidence in themselves and their abilities which I think is so important.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and Geography

Having two younger sisters meant that from the age of 5 I would always love to play "teacher" with them, reading them stories and giving them different activities to do. Although my sisters are much older now, I still love teaching children and helping them find a joy for learning as well.



Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry

I thoroughly enjoy my time at school and love babysitting for friends and family so this is the perfect mix of both worlds. My preferred subjects are science and maths but sure I can help with anything else!


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and French

As suggested by my A Level choices, I’m hoping to go into STEM and study medicine at university. In addition, I have always been particularly passionate about languages, studying French along with German previously. Having volunteered in primary schools before these unprecedented times, I realised how rewarding it was to share my love for learning with the students. I hope to help students gain confidence by pushing them to reach their full potential.


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Politics, Philosophy, and French at Higher Level, and English, Maths and Chemistry at Standard Level

I would love to mentor children and try to help them as much as I can with their homework. By volunteering at the Rugby Portobello every week I really have developed such a passion for teaching young kids and I have found that it really expanded my horizons. I think that by doing this tutoring program, this love I have for helping out young children will be further emphasised


Year 12 A Level Student studying Math, Further Math, Physics and Chemistry

I have always had an interest in teaching as it is such a rewarding experience to be able to pass on the skills I have developed throughout my education. Helping a student progress to understand a topic or concept is so inspiring and has led me to become a mentor. I greatly value the bond a student and mentor can develop, as I can connect with the mentee while having fun!



Year 12 A Level Student studying History and Latin Pre-U, Maths and Further Maths A levels

I love mentoring young children as I enjoy watching their academic and personal pursuits grow over time. As a student studying both Maths and the Humanities, I am very passionate about a broad array of academic disciplines. However, I am particularly fascinated by the Classical and Ancient World, which I will continue to explore as I intend to study Ancient and Modern History at university.


Year 13 A Level Student studying  Maths, Further Maths, English and Economics

I love all my subjects and want to study Economics at university. I want to mentor because it looks like a great thing to do in a field I’m passionate about, and it’s a lot like the volunteering and jobs I would usually be doing (if not for the virus)


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, History and Economics at Higher Level, and French, English and Maths at Standard Level

I am very excited to continue doing a wide range of subjects in the IB as I really like the breadth of ways of thinking this will offer, as well as keeping my options open for future studies. From my experience at school, I have learnt how important it is to have one on one time with teachers or mentors to help to consolidate my learning, particularly with subjects and topics I find difficult. I would love to help others through mentoring and hopefully share my love of learning!


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Politics, History, and English at Higher Level, and Maths, Biology and Spanish at Standard Level

I am really interested in humanities, and want to study history and politics at university. I would love to be able to have the opportunity to help and pass on some of my knowledge to mentees, whilst also giving back to the community.



Year 12 A Level Student studying English Literature, French, History and Latin 

The bond that can be formed between the mentee and the mentor is so important; the one-on-one time can make all the difference. I know how it feels to be on the receiving end when my teachers help me with a concept that I am struggling with. Through other volunteering (with my local brownie guides) as well as helping my 4 year old sister learn to read and write, I have been able to witness this and I know that mentoring is incredibly important to build confidence and a love of learning.


Year 13 A Level Student studying English, Biology, Maths and Drama

My interests are divided into the humanities and the STEM subjects as I have a passion for biology and technology as well as theatre and the arts. I hope to study Human Sciences at university because I am interested in the interaction between the scientific and the environment and I believe that the relationship between creativity and technology and the arts and science can work best when combined, something that excites me for the future. I hope to help students feel more confident in their ability as well as hopefully become more excited by their studies so work is not just an arduous task.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science

I love maths, physics and sciences and plan to either study physics or medicine at university. I enjoy teaching younger children, both academics and sport.


Year 12 French Baccalaureate studying French Literature, Maths, Computer Science and Art at Higher level, and English, French History, Geography and German at Standard level.

Having grown up in a trilingual household it was always very important for me to study a wide range of subjects. More specifically I am passionate about languages and french literature. I hope to help others discover their passions no matter what they are and help them reach their full potential.



Year 12 A Level Student studying A Level Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Philosophy

I would love to be a mentor in this scheme because I have always enjoyed working with younger children and I think these unprecedented times are a perfect time to help out as much as possible! I am keen to make the lives of parents and the children themselves that little bit easier, and while doing so pass on as much knowledge as possible. Getting involved in helping the community has always been a priority for me, and I believe this is the perfect opportunity to do so.


Year 13 A Level Student studying  English, History and Philosophy & Ethics and an EPQ on Sylvia Plath

For academic interest, I adore English especially, but love all humanities! I spend a crazy amount of time every week writing and reading, since I only take essay subjects. In terms of why I want to mentor, I would be humbled to help out in any way I can, especially in times like these. I’m an academic mentor at my school, Latymer Upper, which essentially means I volunteer to tutor students in years below me in my A Level topics and Spanish too, since I’ve grown up around the language. I also spend two hours every fortnight teaching refugees, around 16-18 years old, English. Hopefully, I’ve got the relevant experience and I think I could be useful! It would be super fulfilling to put some of my new spare time, skills and enthusiasm to use!


Year 10 GCSE Student studying English, Maths, Geography, History, Art, French, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

I am studying a wide range of subjects at GCSE level. I think mentoring is a great way to interact with the community and can be very rewarding. I have already had experience volunteering at my local library helping children of primary school age. I enjoy helping students and know how frustrating it can be to not be able to get something at school


Year 13 A Level Student studying Psychology, French and English Language

I am someone who has always loved school and has taken every educational opportunity offered to me. I’d love to help anyone who needs it to get the education they want / need to do the best they can. I love languages but my favourite subject is psychology, which I’m going to do at university.



Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics

My academic interests lie mainly in physical chemistry and physics. I am hoping to study physics or natural sciences at university. I want to be a mentor as I want to help those around me and I believe sharing knowledge is a great way to do that. I also often tutor my siblings and it’s great to see kids become interested in academic work.


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Global Politics at Higher Level, and Maths, French and English  at Standard Level

I enjoy all the sciences, especially Biology and Chemistry. However, I've taken the IB due to my interest in a variety of subjects, like English, Music or Business Studies. I've been tutoring for a long time too, as I love being able to share knowledge. I'm passionate about helping children succeed in both understanding the topic and questions in the way most suited to them!


Year 12 Student studying Pre-U Chemistry and Physics, A Level Maths and Further Maths and AS Level Electronics

I've always been very passionate about Maths as well as sciences and I am hoping to study Computer Science at university. I would love to have the privilege to be a mentor and give back to the community and help students who are in need of any extra support. I've had over a year's worth of voluntary experience of working with children at schools and would love to continue as I really enjoyed it!


Year 10 GCSE Student studying English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, French, Latin and  Geography

I like working with younger children because I like being able to share my knowledge and help make a difference. I particularly enjoy Maths, Chemistry, Spanish, French and Geography and would love to be a mentor so that others can enjoy these subjects too.



Year 10 GCSE Student studying Geography, History, Italian, Spanish, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and English

I enjoy Geography and History as they are subjects that I find easy to apply in life and they help me be able to see how things in the past have influenced the modern day. In addition, I am very interested in languages and love to learn about other cultures. I am also bilingual in Italian.


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Chemistry and French at Higher Level, and Maths, English and Philosophy at Standard Level

Biology and chemistry are two subjects I am very passionate about and I hope to take science at university, as well as studying languages and learning about different cultures. I have enjoyed working as an assistant teacher for the past 3 years and have found it to be such an enriching experience and would love to volunteer and help others during this pandemic.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Philosophy

I would really like to become a mentor as I really enjoy spending time with children. Through school, I volunteered at a local primary school where I was able to read and play with children every week. I really enjoyed this and would love to continue. I am really interested in sciences and hope to study Medicine or Veterinary Medicine in the future.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Hi! My name is Ellie and I have always loved science as well as maths, even when I was very young. I have particularly enjoyed helping my younger cousins with their school work over lockdown. I love school and always have and I wish to help others and pass on my drive to learn anything new.



Year 13 A Level Student studying  Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths

I’m looking to study medicine at university, and so really enjoy working with a variety of people. Having tutored before and really enjoyed it, I wanted to maybe broaden my horizons and try and help teach more people. It’s really useful for me as a future medic (hopefully), as it helps develop communication and social skills which are integral to the profession. I particularly enjoy the more scientific subjects, however I also find languages and arts fascinating, and would approach any topic with alacrity.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Philosophy

I have always been interested in sciences and now hope to spark an interest from my own tutees. I will be studying biomedical sciences at university. I am an experienced tutor having prepared several students for 11+ and more. Looking forward to meeting you!


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Maths, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History and Philosophy & Religion

I would absolutely love to be a mentor! I love kids, I have two younger brothers myself and am always helping them with their own homework. Being a mentor would be amazing not only for my DofE but to get experience in general! I am really good specifically with math homework but anything works with me.


Year 13 A Level Student studying History, Economics and French

I'm really interested in History especially the early modern period which encompasses my other subjects as well. Learning about French culture and the economy will be useful as I hope to go on to study International Relations and Politics at university. I think mentoring is vital to inspiring the next generation especially when young children have missed so much school due to the pandemic.



Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at Higher Level, and English, French and History at Standard Level

I love the sciences and maths but I also have a great interest in languages. I want to mentor because I love to teach and I think that now that I have more time away from school, I can use what I learned at GCSE to help other kids (even if I’m not actually doing my GCSEs!).


Year 11 GCSE student studying Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Mathematics, Geography, Religious Studies, Spanish, and Physical Education

I’m currently taking Biology for my A-levels and am interested in continuing this for university. I am interested in developmental biology and potentially something to do with medicine. I would love the opportunity to tutor kids as I think it would have been so helpful when I was younger to have someone still in school to generally talk to, as well as explain things to me (as we would know what the easiest way to explain different concepts are.) I also love interacting and speaking with children as I think it helps their confidence and can also develop their interests in different subjects outside of school.


Gap year student who studied Religious Studies, English and German at A Level and who will be studying Theology at Cambridge next year

Having taken a gap year, re-applied to university virtually off of my own back, I have learnt to motivate self-study and the relative privilege any kind of self-confidence like that reveals. 
I am really invested in breaking down the mystery of exam performance, of exploring nerves or lack of preparation, and how important the syllabus and AOs of every paper of every subject, as correlated with the exam board, are for performing well, especially in key stages. Whether it be better GCSEs, to move schools for sixth form, or to get your predicted grades up, whilst remaining realistic as well as optimistic with what results you can get.


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Biology, Chemistry,Physics, Maths, English, Art, History, French and German

My favourite subjects are Art and French, but in other subjects where I have struggled, I could have really used a mentor, so I really enjoy offering help to others, especially if you feel a bit behind on something. In primary school, I was quite shy about asking questions, so I know what it feels like to be a bit unsure about a subject, but I will be able to offer confidence to anyone who needs it! Usually, I help my younger sister with homework, who’s just made the transition to secondary school, and I would like to say I’m good at giving advice! :)



Year 10 GCSE Student studying Maths, English Literature, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, French and Religious Studies.

I would love to mentor someone looking for help with their academic development in any area of their education, particularly in essay writing subjects such as English and Sciences too. From this scheme I hope to grow greater leadership and verbal communication skills; and I’m really looking forward to helping someone better their learning!


Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Geography and German

I have always been passionate about mentoring, teaching and sharing knowledge and experiences with others, especially younger peers. At my school, I have undertaken basic training for coaching and mentoring and gained valuable skills for both the 'Pupil Coaching and Mentoring Programme' at school and for everyday life. I find mentoring extremely rewarding and would definitely describe it as one of my strengths. I would consider myself an outgoing person, with a real interest for learning about people, culture's and also sharing my knowledge and experience.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry

I believe that during these tough times we all need to give back to the community in as many ways as possible so I would like to help others. Also, being a student, I feel like sometimes we need someone of a similar age to explain things, as often we can see things from different angles to teachers. My GCSE predicted grades ten 9’s and two 8’s therefore I feel like I could help teach younger students some things which they may not have understood.


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Maths, English Literature, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Spanish, French, History, Geography and Further Maths

I really love Maths and hope to encourage others to discover how Maths doesn't have to be boring or 'too hard'. Furthermore I really enjoy the humanities and would love to have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. I think I would thoroughly enjoy becoming a mentor as I would fully use this experience to transfer what I know in a fun and informative way. Also, I would love to find a way to contribute to community life as I feel I could do more to benefit the area and the people.



Year 11 International Baccalaureate course studying Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, French, Computer Science and Spanish at Standard level.

I am very interested in maths, science and physics, with the goal of either studying medicine or a sort of engineering later on. As well as this, I grew up in a bilingual household (French and English), and have always attended international schools meaning I can be of help to nearly any topic in those languages. I would like to become a mentor as I really enjoy the idea of being able to share information, advice, and help mentees improve with topics that they find difficult, as nothing can compare to the rewarding feeling of helping another person when they’re struggling!


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Further Maths, Computing and Music 

I enjoy helping out my younger sister with her schoolwork, and now that she is growing up and doesn’t need my help anymore, I would like to continue helping others younger than me. My academic interests are based on STEM, as is shown through my A Level choices.


Year 12 A Level Student studying English Literature, English Language, Geography and Classical Civilisation

I have experience tutoring for 11+ entrance exams in maths, english and interview practice and I have also helped GCSE students with a range of subjects, specifically those that I am taking for my A Levels. I have also volunteered in a local nursery with 2-4 year olds, helping them learn to read and write while also having a fun time! I love working with children, and I find the bond that can grow from a mentorship really rewarding for both the mentor and the mentee.  Hopefully by being a mentor I can help students to find their passions while also taking some stress away from their carers!


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying English, History and Psychology at Higher Level, and French, Maths and Biology at Standard Level

 I would love to share my passion for learning and through studying a wide variety of subjects in the IB, I have been able to diversify my knowledge across the board. To be a mentor in this scheme would be a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community and help others progress in their learning journey. I thoroughly enjoy all of the subjects I am taking and I hope to study English literature or Psychology at university. I love words:)

Developing the transferable skills of being 'in' a classroom has not been made that possible this year and I am keen to help bridge the gap in educational opportunities that has emerged.  My past experience of tutoring for families has fuelled my love for helping create fun and supportive environments for others to learn in. One to one tutoring is a great way to gain self-confidence and explore new interests in academic fields, for both myself and my mentees!



Year 13 Student studying A Level English Literature, Maths and Photography as well as the Welsh Baccalaureate

Becoming a mentor will help fulfill my passion for teaching, a lifelong goal of mine. I have significant voluntary hours working alongside primary aged pupils as well as experience tutoring KS3 students in my comprehensive school. I aim to attend Aberystwith University in the academic year 2021 to study Mathematics with Education, this combination will allow my passion for Mathematics and my love for teaching to flourish. The local primary school I volunteer with weekly has offered me firsthand experience as acting teaching assistance to year 4 through to year 6. I can honestly say during this lockdown I miss the pupils in the primary school most, I have already secured the same position when returning to school to follow year 5 through to year 6 (I have already been invited to year 5s end of year party in 2021!).


Year 12 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Pre-U Mandarin

My academic interests lie predominantly in the sciences, maths, and languages, however I have always enjoyed both history and English as well! Once I’ve completed my A-Levels, I am hoping to pursue medicine. Throughout my secondary school education, I have undertaken a variety of commitments which have given me a varied skill set. I have experience in tutoring and have found it both rewarding and fulfilling! I am excited to share the knowledge I have acquired throughout my education with those younger than me and, hopefully, through the process, help those students gain confidence in their academic abilities, whilst nurturing their passions for subjects I am equally as passionate about!


Year 13 A Level Student studying Maths, Further Maths, Latin, Economics and English Literature

Maths has always been my favourite and best subject, and I am hoping to study maths at university. I have enjoyed being a mentor at my current school, and hopefully, this program can help me reach more students who need a helping hand in their studies. I help my younger sisters with their school work and revision at home and I love the rewarding feeling of watching them progress. I believe that anyone can excel at any subject with the right help.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Philosophy

With the current global situation, I think it's so important that children receive education, despite the present inability to have face to face contact and learning, and I would love to volunteer and help with this! I also have A-A* GCSEs in Latin, French, Chinese, History and Drama alongside Maths, English and the sciences, so I would be able to help with any of these subjects!



Year 10 GCSE Student studying Maths, English, Triple Science, Spanish, French, History and Religious Studies

I really enjoy working with younger children and the last experience I had (working in the after school club at St James Primary School) was so much fun. I’d like to start helping with their education as well because I think it can be really useful to have one more person to explain something, or a different perspective on something you may be struggling with.


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography at Higher Level, and English, Maths and French at Standard Level

I have always had a great interest in sciences as well as learning about the natural world in geography, which I hope to study at university. I also have a passion for languages in both German, which I am bilingual in and French. Tutoring is something I very much enjoy as it is rewarding to see others become more confident and eager to learn more as well as helping to further their knowledge.


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying History, Global Politics and French at Higher Level, and Chemistry, Maths and English  at Standard Level 

I study a wide range of subjects at school but love history above all, particularly 20th century history, and am also fascinated by international relations, which I study as part of my global politics course. I would love to become a mentor as I really enjoy working with kids (I have had experience in this before through volunteering at our local primary school where I helped the younger students improve their reading) and find it incredibly rewarding to observe the progress that they make.


Year 10 GCSE Student studying  Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Latin, Religion and Geography

My academic interests are Maths and Chemistry. I have an interest in Maths because I like solving equations as it helps me to understand how different areas of Maths work. I like Chemistry because I find it easy to understand which makes learning the subject more fun. I would like to be a mentor in order to provide help for those who need it but may not necessarily have access to it.



Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Economics, Art Textiles and EPQ

I was excited to hear about this opportunity to mentor other students as I am missing the camaraderie of school life and I thought this would provide me with an opportunity to get a sense of that whilst sharing some of my knowledge and experience to help other students that may not have had some of the advantages that I have been lucky enough to enjoy.  This pandemic has really highlighted the gap that exists in educational opportunities and it is one that i think is very unfair . I’m enjoying the A-level courses that I’m currently studying - to be able to mentor someone else and hopefully share knowledge with them would only add to this.


Year 13 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Global Politics at Higher Level, and Maths, English and Spanish  at Standard Level 

I thoroughly enjoyed tutoring when we were allowed to go into schools to carry it out face-to-face, and I know that it must be extremely difficult to teach all of the primary school children remotely as I have experienced this with my younger brother. I am pursuing medicine, and I am happy to help with any of the sciences, maths or English.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Politics, Film Studies and Psychology

I would like to be a mentor as I want to give kids the opportunity to be taught by someone that is going through the process as well as they are. I am interested in teaching English as a language and help develop kids with their social and communication skills.


Year 11 Student who will be taking the International Baccalaureate studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry at Higher Level, and Spanish, English and Philosophy at Standard Level

I am particularly interested in Chemistry, Biology and Maths while also loving creative writing and Spanish. At university, I’m hoping to study in the field of STEM and particularly medicine. I love to explain concepts to people in a way that is easy to follow and am also a keen believer that a creative mindset is a really useful skill in a learner.



Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, History and Spanish at Higher Level, and Maths, English and Economics/ Philosophy at Standard Level

Throughout my secondary school journey , I have always been motivated, engaged and committed, both in my school work and extracurricular activities.  I am enthusiastic about all my extracurriculars, ranging from debating and MUN, to the Netball Team and Bronze/Silver DofE, to Grade 6 Music exams and theory. In my free time, I teach in a local primary school weekly, helping children work on their math and reading skills and during the last two summers I helped an orphanage in Guatemala to rebuild their outdoor playing area,  organise their clinic and help the children develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills. These experiences were enriching and heartwarming, as I was exposed to the challenges of these children’s lives but also to their happiness for learning and playing. Volunteering has now become part of my commitments and I would love to become a mentor as especially now in this time of crisis and having to learn from home, the least I could do is help children either doing homework, having a simple conversation or academically challenging them.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths and AS Spanish

I would love to become a mentor because I enjoy working with children and helping others out where I can. From personal experience of having a tutor, I appreciate the support they can provide, and how valuable a small amount of your time can be to another person. Also, I am interested in mentoring as I would love to share my knowledge in subjects which I enjoy, and I understand how this can help to build someone else’s confidence.  While I love all my subjects, I am particularly interested in biology, specifically human anatomy. I hope to study dentistry at university.


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Spanish, History, Geography, English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Drama

I often tutor my little brother who is dyslexic so I’m quite patient and I enjoy making the lesson super fun! I fluently speak Italian as well as English so I can communicate with people whose first language may not be English! I find History and Spanish very interesting but I enjoy all subjects!


Year 12 A Level Student studying History, English, Italian and Geography

History has always been a great passion for me and I hope that I can pass on my help to enjoy the plethora of fascinating people, events and historical ideas which have captured my interest for so long. Bringing humanity and life into History really helps to make it such a fantastic subject. Whilst History has always remained my favourite subject, I have always found both History and Geography to complement each other well. There is a decent bulk of memorisation to learn in both subjects which I certainly felt to be quite daunting at times. However, I feel that it becomes a lot easier when you can properly take the time to understand the context. English literature may be more abstract than the other subjects, but the focus placed on analysing and understanding the way humanity interacts and expresses itself can be really interesting to pick apart.  Italian is a wonderful language and with such a rich culture of literature, cinema and history I have found the subject to be a great joy. 
I hope that I can pass on my enthusiasm so that more people can be inspired by and enjoy these fantastic subjects!



Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Geography, Chemistry and Biology

I would like to become a mentor because I would love to help others learn, especially people who may not have had the benefit of all of the experiences I have had. I have done previous voluntary work at a school helping children to read and learn, and found this both helpful and enriching for both me and them. I also enjoy many extracurricular activities and I understand the balance between work and play. I will aim to make my sessions as a mentor fun and memorable as I find these the best and most effective ways to enjoy learning.


Year 13 A Level Student studying French, Spanish and Economics

I enjoy ideas and love learning how to communicate in different languages. I come from a big family and have experience tutoring my younger siblings. For me mentoring allows me to support others. As a competitive sports player and coach, I understand and can share how important attitude is to success.


Year 12 A Level student studying Biology, Chemistry, Spanish and EPQ

I enjoy the sciences and maths and am also capable in literary subjects. I am hoping to become a dentist after my A levels. Since the beginning of the school closures, I have become alerted by the lack of help for young children and would enjoy doing my part to help where schools have struggled to do so.


Year 12 Student studying AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, Individual and Society in Literature, French IV, Precalculus with Analysis, Advanced Studio Art and US History

For university, I am interested in studying education studies, hopefully leading me to work on education reform and potentially as a teacher. I would love to influence young children to become contributing, understanding, and well educated members of society, both academically and socially.



Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Biology, Philosophy and Economics at Higher Level, and Maths, English and French at Standard Level 

In the classroom, I have discovered a passion for the humanities, taking a particular interest for history, philosophy and social sciences. However I also incredibly enjoy the sciences and maths. Therefore this is what inspired me to choose the IB Diploma Programme. In addition to this, I enjoy participating in academic extracurricular activities such as Debating and Model United Nations. I would like to be a mentor because not only do I love working with children, but I also strongly believe that contributing to one's community in any form possible is vital. Therefore becoming a part of the Mentor Jr. team is a fabulous way to do so whilst enjoying myself!


Year 12 International Baccalaureate Student studying Spanish, Philosophy and Economics at Higher Level, and Maths, English and Biology at Standard Level 

I am interested in a large variety of subjects including maths, english, science and humanities. I really enjoy forming connections between my favourite subjects as they make me enjoy them more. In being a mentor I hope I can inspire others to find enjoyment in their academic subjects and discover their passions.


Year 13 A Level Student studying Biology, Maths and Chemistry

I enjoy sciences, especially Biology, and I hope to continue studying this at university, eventually going into medicine. I am also a mentor and prefect at school, so I love working with younger kids. I find it very rewarding to help a student gain confidence in their work at school and perhaps discover a new passion for the subject.


First Year uni student at Georgetown University majoring in Political Science and minoring in History and French. For IB, she took Higher Level French, Geography, and History, and Standard Level Math, English, and Chemistry

I would like to be a mentor because I really enjoy working with children, especially those who haven't had access to the same opportunities that I had. This has become increasingly important work throughout the pandemic. I hope to help students enjoy what they're learning and develop their interests! Academically, I'm interested in social science, particularly political science, which I am pursuing at university.



Gap year student preparing to read Mathematics & Philosophy at University who studied Maths, Further Maths and Art History A Level

I have always been passionate about Maths and I hope to study it at university. I started mentoring last year and I loved seeing my mentees  progress and gain confidence in different topics. I think it's so important to evoke a positive attitude about Maths  in young people and show them that Maths can be creative and exciting too!


Second year uni student at Edinburgh University studying History of Art (MA)

A bilingual student at University in Edinburgh, with enough free afternoons to be able to give something back educationally. Wanting to reciprocate some of the fortune I have had in my educational career so far. The liberal arts (humanities, art, some sciences) would be a general field of expertise to most ages, as well as German — being a native — I would hope to be able to offer some assistance. It also goes without saying that I am more than happy to tutor in things outside of school and academics.


Year 12 A Level student from Cyprus studying Mathematics, Politics and Piano

I am without a doubt the person that hates staying still! The single thing everyone knows about me is the fact that I am mad about sports. I have tried numerous sports since I was little, but in the end I fell in love with water skiing and alpine skiing both of which I do competitively. I am keen on theoretical subjects such as history and languages, but mathematics and biology fascinate me as well! Moreover, I enjoy music and I have been playing the piano for 9 years and counting. I am often described as a confident and very energetic person but quite serious too.


Year 12 A Level Student studying  Maths, Economics, Politics and Chemistry

I love all my A level subjects, however my passion lies outside of the classroom in Finance and Behavioural sciences where I utilise what I have learnt in class to aid me. I love mentoring and teaching for two reasons, the first being it is a heart warming and rewarding experience helping people believe in themselves and what they can achieve, and secondly, in these times, I believe it is so important to give back and connect with others.



Year 11 Student who is studying Drama, Mandarin, French, English, Maths, Biology and Chemistry GCSE

I have a passion for science, languages and drama and love working with children. I’d love to be able to put my leadership skills to use and make a difference in a child’s learning!


Year 13 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths 

I want to be a mentor as I'd like to be able to pass on the insights I've gained from being a mentee myself onto others. Positively impacting others is something I've enjoyed doing in my free time for many years so partaking in becoming an online mentor seemed like the natural progression of tutoring for me.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, Physics and Theatre Studies

Although I really enjoy maths I’ve struggled a lot with it in the past. It was through the help of mentors that made me able to get to my level today so I’d love to do the same for anyone who needs help with it :)


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, French, Spanish and EPQ

I really value education and I know it has the potential to change lives so giving back to the community through mentoring is so important to me. I want to share my passion for the subjects I study with others because it is so rewarding to see the progress and growth in a student's confidence and ability. I hope I can make a difference through mentoring because I know that excelling both academically and socially is invaluable.



Year 12 A Level Student studying Economics, Politics and Geography

I would love to help other students during these troubling times in their academic studies. I have always been enthusiastic about tutoring family friends and cousins so thought that I would offer help to others. I am interested in maths, basic English lit, geography and history (depending on the topic)


Year 11 Student who will be studying A Level Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics

I am passionate about education, and am specifically interested in the study of Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, and love other subjects too, such as Geography, Latin, and Art. I have been working with young children for many years, and am a great role model and mentor for them.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Maths, History, Economics and French 

I grew up in a  bilingual (French and English) household so working with languages has always been an interest of mine. I believe that tutoring/mentoring is an important motivational activity for both the mentor and the mentee.


Year 12 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Psychology

I am an aspiring Medical student so I am passionate about Science and have a caring nature. I love mentoring younger children, and have been lucky enough to be a tutor to a Year 10 Latin class, and teach Jujitsu to members of my local Small Circle Jujitsu club. I would love the chance to tutor, because I realise how difficult it is to learn online during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and I could use my skills to help children catch up from missed school time.


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