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All of our mentors are in their final years of secondary school, or first years of undergraduate university, and have a real passion for spreading the love of education. Below you will find descriptions of each tutor's educational interests.

Please note that names with a tick (✓) next to them might not appear on the booking service as they have their weekly slots booked up. If you would like to contact one of these tutors, email and that can be arranged.

Meet the Academic Mentors: Headliner


Year 13 A level Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths

My passion for sciences and maths has been within me for as long as I can remember, which has led to my aspiration of being a doctor in the future. Having enjoyed mentoring students in school, I feel that this is a wonderful opportunity for me. I would love to help others who are in need of of support so that they can achieve their goals and it would also help me to build upon my skills and knowledge.


Year 12 IB Student studying Higher Level: French, Chemistry, Biology

Standard Level: English, Maths, History

I have a passion for science, languages and drama and love working with children. I’d love to be able to put my leadership skills to use and make a difference in a child’s learning!

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 12 A Level student studying biology, psychology and English literature

I am really enthusiastic about all my subjects however my academic interests are definitely focused around biology, chemistry, maths and religious studies. I would love to become a mentor so that I can support children and help them to achieve their goals. Given the current circumstances, I think this support is needed more than ever and I would be thrilled to help.


Year 12 A Level student studying French, English Lit and Psychology

I have been tutoring at Mentor Jr for a couple of years now, and it has been such a great experience helping students, if only for an hour a week, to realise their full potential but also have a bit of fun every Saturday morning! We can have stress free sessions but I will be good at helping with English and French studies and providing understanding in regards to homework and test prep. It also helps me see my subjects from other perspectives and helps me engage with them even more!

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 13 A Level Student studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths

Being a mentor means inspiring the next generation of what I love the most. Being a part of someone's journey of learning is the most rewarding gift. I am Sophie, an aspiring medical student who loves learning and being involved in different projects. I hope to not only develop a good relationship with the students I work with but also the parents, as I believe that communication is key.


Year 11 GCSE Student studying Maths, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further maths, French, Spanish, Italian, History and Food science

Hi! My name is Nina and I am currently in Year 11 studying for my GCSEs. I went through the 11+ and am very keen on Maths having taken part in various competitions. I am fluent in both French and English whilst studying Italian and Spanish at GCSE level. I would love to be able to give back to my community in this way as I also love looking after children and babysitting for my family, friends and neighbours.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Spanish, Economics, Geography, English Literature, and language, Religious Studies and Physical Education

Mentoring is something I really enjoy doing. I am a highly dedicated student and really motivated to pass my knowledge to students who need me as it would be amazing to see them learning and achieving new things. I am aspiring to become a dentist and I am predicted Grade 7s to 9s in most of my GCSE subjects. My specific interests are in Physics and Spanish as I have got amazing teachers from which I have learned a lot of great techniques to teach. I would love to help others and pursue my passion.


Year 10 GCSE Student studying Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geography, History, French, Computer Science, Maths and English

My favourite subjects are maths and history, and I hope to be a lawyer when I am older or have a career in law. I am interested in tutoring others as I would like to help someone who may not have had the same privileges and opportunities as me, especially those who were affected by the lockdown and did not have access to resources. It gives me a chance to challenge myself and understand the topic even further

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 12 A-Level English literature, Politics, French and History 

My name is Sophie and for my A-levels I study English Literature, Politics, French and History. I would be happy to help with GCSE preparation in these subjects and/or to mentor key stage 2 students.


Year 13 A Level Geography, BTEC Business and BTEC Psychology

I'm interested in Maths, Geography, RE and Psychology. I would like to become a mentor to help guide children, just like my teachers had done during my primary years. Not only that, but I also enjoy working with children, so becoming a mentor for primary school children seemed like the perfect job for me.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 12 A level , English Lit, Maths, Philosophy, Spanish

Hi, my name is Eliza! I have always been very interested in English and languages (I am also fluent in Russian), but while studying a wide range of subjects at GCSE I have come to appreciate many other subjects, such as Geography, Music and the sciences. I would love to mentor a younger student and help guide them through any difficulties they may be facing. When I was in primary school, I would have greatly benefitted from someone with past experience guiding me.


Isabella C. Year 12 A-Level Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and Physics

Hi, my name is Isabella. Maths has always been one of my favourite subjects: I really enjoy solving problems. I also enjoy the sciences, especially chemistry, as they encourage you to apply your knowledge and think logically. I would love to mentor a younger student, particularly in maths. The pandemic has disrupted learning, and I think mentoring is a great way to get back on track. I often help my younger brother with his homework, and this is something that really benefits both of us as we can work collaboratively and share ideas. I've also been through the 11+, and at the time it would have been really helpful to have someone with past experience guiding me.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 13 A level student studying Ancient History, Drama, Economics and Politics

I found my passion for teaching and helping others after supporting my younger brother with his homework and exam preparation as well as teaching young kids how to read at a weekend school. I love humanities and I am fascinated by all of my subjects, particularly Ancient History which has been an interest of mine since childhood. Languages have also been an area of interest for me as I am fluent in Turkish. I hope to be able to make a positive difference in someone's life by inspiring confidence and creativity.


Year 11 GCSE - Maths, English, 3 Sciences, DT, History, Spanish, Computer Science

I would love to be a mentor so that I can give back to the community and in doing so help younger children who are finding their studies difficult. I love to play sports such as hockey and cricket. I enjoy school as I love learning and my favorite subject is Chemistry as I find it very interesting and I would love to pursue it in the future.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 11 student studying Geography, Drama, Economics, Chemistry, Maths, English, Mandarin

I love English, especially creative writing and poetry. I also enjoy Maths along with Geography. I would like to be a mentor as I know how much extra support can benefit being dyslexic. I want to help young people feel supported and confident in their education. Being someone who is still in the education system allows me to use my knowledge of struggles of everyday school to relate to younger children and hopefully makes my tutoring fun as well as helpful.


Year 11 English literature, language, French, Triple Science, Computer Science, Maths and History.

Although my DofE has come to an end, I really found a new passion for myself. This is helping others as much as I can because not only do I feel good about myself for putting in the effort but also for the tutee as I can see already growing changes in their learning environment and studying. I enjoy tutoring and I would love to continue helping children as much as I am able to.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 13 A-level maths, geography and art and design

Hi, my name is Isabella. I am a current year 13 student, studying maths geography and art and design, who is incredibly passionate about these subjects and aims to share my academic knowledge to those keen to learn! Through mentoring, my goal is to encourage younger students to gain confidence in their engagement in learning as well as to become more resilient in subjects where they feel the weakest.


Year 13 A Level student studying Maths, Economics, Geography, and Divinity.

I am very passionate about all of my A Level subjects, most notably geography and economics, which I hope to study at University. My love for these subjects partially stem from my elder brother, who followed a similar academic path and introduced me to such topics from a young age. I hope that I can have a similar influence on my mentees and help and inspire them with their own academic interests.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 11 GCSE Maths, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Geography, Computer Science, Drama and Music 

Tutoring is always incredibly fun for me- it allows me to connect with children from different age groups and backgrounds and help them feel more confident with their academics. Whether it be trying out new methods of explaining a tricky concept or finding ways to keep my tutees engaged and interested, I've thoroughly enjoyed my tutoring journey at Mentor Jr. and am keen to continue it!


Year 10 studying triple science, higher maths, computer science, french, art, english literature and language, geography

I am a great tutor as I have a younger brother which I have tutored for 7 years now and I continue to do so. This also means that I have experience in communicating with young children in a way that will help them find a passion to learn :)

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 11 Student studying English (lit. and lang.), Higher Maths, Triple Science, History, Geography, French and Computer Science

My academic interests spread out across a range of subjects I am currently studying. I enjoy both practical and creative subjects - I am interested in practical subjects, such as chemistry and biology, as they allow me to understand the science behind how things work, and I appreciate the deeper meanings of people and their interests through humanities subjects, such as english and history. I would love to be a mentor to learn, to help people and to share my own knowledge with others.


Year 11 GCSE student studying English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Religious Studies, Geography, Computer Science

I’m currently doing my solver DofE, and the Mentor Jr Programme would be great for my volunteering section. I enjoy puzzle-like questions and mathematics.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List


Year 11 Student studying Triple Science, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Classical Civilisation, German, Computer Science, Art Textiles

I enjoy school, and the wide variety of clubs that I take part in. My favourite subjects are maths and science, although I do love art as well. I was helped by so many people - especially when I was taking my 11+ - and now I would really like to do the same. I would like to give back and help others who need it.

Meet the Academic Mentors: List
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