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Piano/ Keyboard, Viola

Hi there, my name is Ella and I would love to become a music mentor in either viola or piano practice to share my passion for music. I have done my grade 8 on piano and I am planning to do my grade 8 on viola at the end of June. For anyone learning an instrument motivation is so important yet sometimes you just need that extra bit of help to make practicing more enjoyable and fun. For me, this was my mum who often encouraged me to practice and helped me to get the notes right and learn pieces. I would love to be a music mentor for exactly these reasons and I hope I may be some help to someone!


Piano/ Keyboard

My name is Anson, and I am from Music for Youths. I have achieved my G8 ABRSM on the piano in 2018, and am extremely keen on Chamber music and encouraging musicians of all abilities to take part and have fun.


Piano/ Keyboard, Voice & Violin

I'll be supervising violin, singing and piano, and I have completed grade 8 on all three. I love music as it has always been a part of my life and I would love to pursue a career in opera when I have done my degree. I would like to be a music mentor as I would love to encourage everyone playing an instrument to really enjoy it and achieve the very best of their ability.


Violin, Viola

My name is Katie and I am from the group, Music for Youths. I achieved my ATCL on the violin in 2017, and was working towards my LTCL on the viola in March 2020 before it was cancelled. I love playing in ensembles and working with children. I had taught a 9 year old violin from January to April before she broke her arm.

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Hello, I’m Sara, in Y11 studying at Downe in the UK. Music has always meant a great deal to me, for its provided me with an abundance of joy when in solitude, and I only wish to pass such on through the mentoring of music. I’d be more than happy to provide lessons for the cello, currently on grade 8.


Piano/ Keyboard, Flute

Hi, my name is Esther and I love music because it is fun and exciting. I play the piano (Grade 8) and the flute (also Grade 8) and I love working on new pieces and performing them as a solo, or even as a duet or in a small group! I will be supervising piano/keyboard and flute for anyone that needs some extra help.


Piano/ Keyboard, Clarinet & Theory

Hi, I'm Sophie and I play the piano and clarinet. I did my Grade 8 piano in December 2020 and I am taking my Grade 8 clarinet in May 2021. I am studying A Level Music and I am planning to apply to study Music at university. I would love to become a music mentor to support children with their practice and share my passion for music.


Piano/ Keyboard, Clarinet

Hi, my name is Eliza! I have been playing piano since I was 5, and clarinet since I was 8. I’ve always been really interested in music, and I would love to give younger children that extra bit of motivation to make music more fun for them. I achieved my piano Grade 8 a few years ago and I have also done my ARSM (performance) grade. For clarinet, I am currently on Grade 7.

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Piano/ Keyboard

I am doing Grade 8 piano and am aiming to do a DipABRSM in the next few years. I am doing A-Level music and also play the violin and sing.  My favourite period of music is the Baroque era, especially French Baroque, and I enjoy playing pieces of music by composers such as Couperin and Rameau.



I have enjoyed and been fascinated by music my entire life, having been a chorister from age 8-13, and continuing my musical education through choirs, orchestras and currently A level music. I would like to become a music mentor to be able to become involved and give back to a community of musicians that shape me, and to begin exploring what it feels like to be on the support and teaching side of musical education, to explore whether that could be a career option for me.


Violin, viola, theory, voice, and piano

As a current music scholar at my secondary school and a future music student at university, my instruments have been a feature of my life for as long as I can remember. Having achieved grade 8 in violin, piano, singing and theory I am really keen to help make your child's practice session engaging, rewarding and fulfilling!

Meet the Music Mentors: Meet the Team
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