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10 ways to make your home a greener place!

In light of COP26 ending, we decided to make a list of the easiest ways to make your home more green!

1. Switch heating sources – boilers are an example of a heating source that can be more environmentally friendly. They can be fuelled by 4 different fuel types, allowing homeowners to decide what is best for them

2. Use recyclable paper for gifts – approximately 50,000 trees are used to make the 8,250 tonnes of wrapping paper consumed at Christmas alone. For the festive season, invest in some recyclable paper or go for old newspaper

3. Use eco cleaning products – mainstream cleaning products can contain ingredients that are harmful to the environment. Chemicals like detergents, preservatives or foaming agents cause the most harm. Try to choose products that contain no synthetic ingredients

4. Use environmentally friendly shampoo – similar to cleaning products, shampoos can contain ingredients that, once washed down the drain, end up in the ocean and harm the ecosystems. Again, choose non-synthetic ingredients, or even try soap bars to avoid the plastic waste

5. Buy products that are biodegradable – these will dissolve, preventing them from causing any harm to environments

6. Buy half of your food locally – shortening your food chain creates far less waste. Try to buy 50% of food grown within 30 miles of where you live

7. Change your showerhead – investing in an aerated showerhead will reduce energy waste and consumption

8. Unsubscribe – unsubscribe from fast fashion mailing lists. These brands release new products extremely frequently to stay ‘on trend’, but are too often damaging the environment

9. Shop in person – walking to shops tends to be greener than shopping online. Shipping clothes across the world has a hugely significant carbon footprint, and often comes in excessive packaging

10. Let your grass grow out – leave it longer between cuts, saving petrol and electricity and reducing emissions. It will also encourage wildlife to return

And remember – it is better to try imperfectly, than not try at all!

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